Homeless International's CLIFF programme wins Silver in Emerging Partnerships Award Scheme

5th March 2013

Homeless International's CLIFF partnership with SPARC Samudaya Nirman Sahayak (SSNS), the non-profit arm of an Indian NGO, has been recognised by IFC a member of the World Bank and the Infrastructure Journal for their community sanitation project in India.

The public-private partnership project which supported slum communities living in the states of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, saw a total investment of £4.5 million in sanitation projects serving an estimated 230,000 slum dwellers. On-going schemes based on the same model will see continued construction and the delivery of a further 630 toilet blocks serving an estimated 630,000 urban poor.
The programme was based on a genuine partnership between local government, NGOs and slum dwellers. The local government provided funds for the construction, as well as the water and sewerage connection, and land. SSNS managed the toilet block construction and in many cases slum dwellers themselves helped in the building work.
The full list of winners will be featured in a new book Emerging Partnerships; Top 40 PPP's in Emerging Markets published by the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF).
Those PPP's recognized by the new award demonstrated best practices for governments working with the private sector to provide a wide range of public services and spur economic development in emerging markets. They also exhibited high levels of innovation, development vision, replicability and social impact.
Speaking on news of the award, Larry English, Homeless International's CEO commented: "Our work throughout Africa and Asia is made possible by the strong relationships we have built between local community groups, the public and private sectors. Our CLIFF programme has developed sustainable and scalable service models that are addressing the urgent needs of slum dwellers. Winning recognition for our work from such a well-respected group of experts encourages us to continue working towards a future where people around the world can realise their right to land, shelter and basic services."

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Photograph Copyright Pune Homeless International 2013